J.J. Zachary Seeds-Murphy founded Elite Performance Sports Massage to specialize in sports performance therapy. EP Sports Massage allows athletes to achieve the ability to perform at their highest levels of competition with consistency. I specialize and thrive in helping to keep athletes relaxed and rejuvenated all while increasing endurance, strength, and longevity. All these factors create a solid foundation for an athlete to gain strength, power, speed, endurance, and increase injury prevention. To perform at elite levels of competition it is vital for athletes to take care of their “bread winner” which is their body. My primary focus with EP Sports Massage is keeping an athlete’s body nourished while increasing their performance above their competition, labeling them as Elite performers within their sport.

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Happy New years!

Confirmation of February SoCal trip will be cominng soon!

Services are available for In-Home Outcall and Perfection Fitness.

JJZack and EP Sports Massage has come back to the Seattle Area!!
Back by popular demand and greatful opportunities JJZack has moved back to the Seattle area and is providing In-home outcall services once again!

Contact JJZack for more information and available times!!

Personal Training Services???

JJZack has over 13yrs of personal training experience working with all types of clients while specializing in; sports specific training, injury prevention, exercise specific rehab, weight loss goals, lean muscle mass gains, as we as general health and wellness goals. If you are interested in obtaining more information please contact me via; facebook, twitter, email or text!! Massage and Training package discounts are available!!

EP Sports Massage is available at these select locations:

Greater Seattle Area In-Home Outcall Services

Available by appointment ONLY!

Call for Rates.

Traveling In-Home Outcall Services to the Greater Los Angeles & Inland Empire Areas
Available by appointment ONLY!

Call for Traveling Dates and Rates.

Athletic and Special Events Outcall

Available by appointment ONLY!

Call for Rates.

Perfection Fitness Personal Training Studio

9125 Archibald Ave

Rancho Cucamonga, Ca 91730

Call for Dates and Rates.

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